Ah, the foodie lifestyle.

We’ve found that in addition to eating well, foodies like to read about food, watch cooking shows, and attend chef competition and food tasting events. And so, we have a little something for to cater to every palate (literally and otherwise).

Foodies of New England is a magazine focused on the cuisine scene throughout the region, be it food and drink, chefs, restaurants, farms, specialty shops, artisan food producers, and…well, everything a foodie needs to stay up on culinary news, trends, and events. In addition to the print version of our magazine, we also have a digital archive available.

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Foodies TV is also an award-winning television show. Have you seen it? Full episodes are available…and, of course, the recipes our guest chefs provide.

If live events are more your style, you might want to check out the Foodies Live page to stay in the loop about our extravagant annual Worcester’s Best Chef competition (or perhaps even add it to your calendar for next year) and other great foodie events in New England.

And for those of you who’d like to be a culinary rockstar in your own kitchen, we have recipes for you to add to your repertoire. 

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