April 2017




As I sit here looking out through our large panes of glass, watching the last snow flakes fall from the sky, (fingers crossed) I can feel my insides filling with anticipation and felicity.  Spring is the season of hope, revival, opportunity and, my favorite, growth. Its an exciting time of year and if you stop, for one minute, and look outside your window, you’ll see that it’s go time. Or, what I like to call, Grow time.

snowy garden

The birds know it.  Listen.  You can hear them singing louder every day.  The squirrels know it.  Watch them in their mad dash to get it all done, scurrying from one place to another, making the most of every added minute at the end of each day. I can relate.

A lot is happening as the days get longer and things start to warm up out there. The energy is tangible and I find it inspiring. The earthworms find their way to the surface, the trees juices flow and buds swell, our cat stops sleeping all day and life, once again, appears in the garden.

The garlic we planted last fall is first to make an appearance followed by random patches of baby mache rosettes that self sowed itself last fall. Soon the forsythia will bloom and it will be time to divide and plant my Nana’s rhubarb and sow pea seeds.  We’ll be eating fresh asparagus spears before you know it, picked fresh and eaten raw from the earth. The cilantro that grows like a weed in our yard will be ready for the taking, and I’m already dreaming up ways to incorporate it into new recipes for food and libations.

basil in garden

So, for now, Ill sit back and enjoy these last moments of winter.  Ill let the excitement build, the snow melt and the soil warm.  I knowspring will come.  Spring will always come.

Keep Growing!


Renee Bolivar, MCLP
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