Beer Pick: Milk Stout


Left Hand Milk Stout and Banana's Foster Pairing
Left Hand Brewery Milk Stout
Left Hand Brewery Milk Stout

Major Beer Category: Ale

Major Style Category: Stout

Sub Style Category: Milk Stout

What Is A Stout? A direct descendant of the Porter style originally the mixture of three different beers and formally developed by Ralph Harwood who developed single beer that mimicked the flavor and Daniel Wheeler who created a unique kiln for creating black malt these beers are brewed with a select roasted barley rather than a black roasted malt. The name €œstout comes from the creamier, richer, roastier, stronger version of the original Porter described above. The addition of the word €œstout to Porter making it a Stout Porter has since dropped leaving us with the lone word to describe this beer.

What Is A Milk Stout? Using the brewing methods of the traditional Stout, this beer is distinct in that it is brewed with lactose which is unfermentable by beer yeast. The lactose helps to enrich the sweetness and creaminess of the beer.

Our Choice: Left Hand Milk Stout Longmont, Colorado (; 12 oz 6-pack

Why we chose this style: Have you ever had a chocolate covered banana? With hints of sweet chocolate and subtle nutty notes the beer adds a dimension to the bananas you won’t find in your local grocer. The creaminess, sweetness and silky characteristics of this beer delicately balance the texture and mouth feel of the bananas foster.

Where Can You Should Find It In A 6-pack: KJ Baarons, Mass Liquors, Austin Liquors, Julio’s Liquors

Where Can You Should Find It On Draft or In The Bottle: The Dive Bar, The Boynton, Peppercorns, The Horseshoe Pub, Loft 266 Bar & Lounge, Sweet

***Note: This beer may not always be available at the above locations at all times.***




Matt Webster
Matt Webster

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