Demystifying Duck

Meal type Entrée, Main Dish


A common belief is that duck is to be cooked with the fat on it. That simply isn’t true. You can use the fat by dicing it and adding it to the pan to render additional flavor when making a sautéed or braised dish (remove the cracklings prior to placing the meat in the pan), but let your mind wander for a bit. Visualize taking your duck to places that your palate would relish.
After removing the fat, duck breast can be sliced into thin strips and marinated to make a delicious stir-fry, sliced 1/8” thin lengthwise for a unique braciole dish, or cut in half and pounded out with a meat mallet for cutlets used in a dish like fruit-infused Marsala. Fajitas or a juicy burger are a couple of other ways I enjoy duck as well.
Some key factors that you always want to remember in your approach to cooking duck:
1) Always use a form a fat to keep your meat moist.
2) Treat your duck with respect by using preservative-free cooking products. Many can be found at
3) Consider the use of dried fruits and flavors like cherry, blueberry, blackberry, cranberry, and apricot.
4) When making cutlets, boneless breasts, kabobs, and burgers do not overcook your meat. It should be served rare or medium-rare.
Bon appetit!
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