Patate di Rosmarino

Patate di Rosmarino

Serves 8
Cook time 20 minutes
Meal type Entrée
Region Italian
By author Elaine Pusateri Cowan


  • 5 Large Vidalia onions
  • 1 drizzle olive oil
  • 12 baby new potatoes
  • ¼ cup canola oil
  • 1 pinch kosher salt
  • 3 pinches dried rosemary
  • egg whites (2 whole eggs beaten)
  • ⅓ cup whole milk
  • 5oz log of chèvre


1. Preheat oven to 350°F. Slice onions. In a Dutch Oven, over low heat, add the onions with some olive oil and a pinch of kosher salt until caramelized.
2. Slice baby new potatoes.
3. Heat ⅓ cup canola oil . Add one potato slice to test, then add the rest. Once browned, flip.
4. Once potatoes have browned on one side, add a pinch of kosher salt and 2 pinches of rosemary.
5. Spoon a tablespoon of oil out of the pan and into a pie plate; grease it.
6. Remove potatoes with a slotted spoon. Shake off any excess oil. Add to pie plate.
7. Add the caramelized onions to the potatoes. Smooth and level as you go.
8. Beat eggs . Add milk and beat some more. Pour mixture over onions and potatoes.
9. Add ½ inch chunks of chèvre until entire 5-ounce log is gone.
10. Bake for 20-30 minutes.
11. Let cool slightly; loosen edges and cut into 8 wedges
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