Rainbow Roll

Rainbow Roll

Allergy Fish, Shellfish
Meal type Appetizer
By author Chef Wilson Wang 
Many of the ingredients had no amounts, we will try to remedy this ASAP.


  • 1lb Sushi Rice ( )
  • 1 packet Sushi Wrapper (Roasted Seaweed/Yaki or Sushi Nori(Gold))
  • Crab Strips
  • 1 Lemon
  • Fish Strips (White Fish, Tuna, Atlantic Salmon(not smoked) and Shrimp - all cut into 1/4" strips)
  • Avocado (sliced for garnish)
  • Scallions (garnish)
  • Caviar (either Black or Orange for garnish)


Recipe by Chef Wilson Wang
Photography by Pete Lapriore


Buy a pound of Japanese Sushi Rice. Let sit in a pan of
warm water until water remains clear. This may take up to
10 times, rinsing and sitting. Use 1 part water, 1 part rice.
Finally, when water is clear, leave the rice 30 minutes in
water without heat
Squeeze a lemon once into some Sushi Vinegar and mix for 2 minutes until rice consistency becomes like sand – not sticky.
Buy a package of Roasted Seaweed/Yaki, or Sushi Nori (Gold). This is a wafer-like rectangle of seaweed to place Sushi onto.
Wet hands and fingers in a small bowl often, so as to prevent rice sticking to your fingers. Apply rice to Nori along the entire piece, corner to corner. Flip the Nori over with rice facing down.
Place fresh crab strips along the center with slices of avocado on both sides. Roll and pat. Use a Bamboo Sushi Mat (available in some organic stores and supermarkets) to form the roll tightly (see Foodies November episode).
Top with strips of the following fish cut in ¼" slices: White fish, Tuna, Atlantic Salmon (not smoked), Shrimp. Alternate placement so as to create the true colorful Rainbow effect. Garnish with avocado slices on top. Add subtle amounts of black or orange Caviar and scallions.
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