Skate Meunière with Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Freedom Apples

Skate Meunière with Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Freedom Apples

Meal type Entrée
By author David G. Kmetz


Season skate with sea salt.
Sear in a hot cast iron pan with canola oil on one side until edges start to turn golden brown, don't flip the fish. Place pan in a 400 degree oven for about 10 minutes, until a thin knife pierces thru the fish without resistance.

Remove fish from the pan and make a sauce by adding fresh butter to the pan over medium heat, constantly moving the butter. Keep butter on the heat until butter solids begin to brown, add a generous squeeze of fresh lemon juice, fresh chopped parsley, and thinly sliced almonds that you have toasted golden brown in the oven ahead of time. Spoon sauce over the fish.

For Brussels sprouts, cut in half and remove the bottom stem. Place flat side down in hot cast iron pan with either bacon fat or mix of canola oil & butter. Season with sea salt and pepper. Pan roast until golden brown, flip the sprouts, add fresh chopped apples to the pan, add fresh butter and season to taste. Cook until apples are just tender. Enjoy!
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